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About Us



Sustainability through Ethical Management
Hedge Funds, operating with clients’ asset, require management with high transparency and morality.
The employees in charge will strive to meet clients’ expectations through rigorous ethical management.
Long-term Growth Alongside Investors
We promise to prioritize clients’ values and make stable investments with the background of
differentiated expertise, by continuous research and development.
Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility
We seek to uphold corporate social responsibility by being good stewards in the community
in which we operate. Finding talents and social return are some of the ways we will practice
the Noblesse Oblige.

Astra Asset is committed to providing investment solutions that meet the needs of each clients,
contributing to the growth of our customers' assets, and shining like a star (ASTRA)
in the asset management industry through investment culture of integrity.
  • CEO Suchang Lee
  • CEO/CIO Sungho Chung